Farming Simulator

  • $ 21.95

In Farming Simulator you've been rumbling along on your tractor all day the giant wheels crushing straw-like grass and bits of hay beneath their rubber tread while the plow blades churn the earth. You wipe your brow with a handkerchief tucked into your pocket. The sun is scorching brutally incinerating any bit of moisture. You hop off the tractor and saunter into the livestock barn. The cows greet you with a series of friendly, welcoming moos. Sometimes you feel more at home among your animals or when you're out plowing the fields than you do seated at your own kitchen table. You experience a profound sense of calmness each morning when you gather smooth, ivory eggs from the chicken coop and proceed along your daily regimen, which has grown so familiar you can perform the tasks automatically. Farm life is difficult and often tests your limits, but you wouldn't want anything else. It's all in a day's hard work.

Product Details
UPC: 814290012502
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Xbox 360
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone