Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey

  • $ 79.95

In Dragon Warrior Monsters your island home is sinking into the ocean and you're the one to save it! You'll need to find, train and breed an army of the coolest, weirdest and cutest Dragon Warrior monsters. Players can now capture, raise, and breed over 300 types of monsters from the long-running series, including monsters from Dragon Warrior VII. Taking the role of a boy named Cobi, players embark on a quest to save their island home of GreatLog from sinking into the ocean. The adventure will take them across many lands as they search for the keys needed to open magic portals. Each portal opens up a new environment populated with a variety of monsters, which randomly attack Cobi as he ventures forth across an overhead view of the land.

Product Details
UPC: 695981100070
Genre: Role-Playing
Platform: Game Boy Color
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone