Dragon Warrior I & II

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In Dragon Warrior I & II take control of a nameless hero, players explore the countryside from an overhead perspective. Random battles take place at various points along the way, which automatically switches the perspective to a first-person view as the action unfolds in classic turn-based fashion. Whimsical enemies can be vanquished with a choice of conventional weapons or magic. Dragon Warrior II offers a choice of three characters instead of one, features new buildings such as the church to revive dead party members, introduces conditions such as poison, and offers more equipment to acquire and spells to cast, increasing the latter's number from 10 to 22. The party can also explore the sea and journey to new areas in a boat. Each Dragon Warrior game features three save files as well as a temporary save that can be used if players are in a hurry to shut off the system. An estimated 40 hours of play is featured from start to finish, with cinematic cut-scenes, animated battle sequences, larger characters, and more detailed backgrounds breathing new life into the classic series.

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UPC: 695981100025
Genre: Role-Playing, Compilation
Platform: Game Boy Color
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone