Total Carnage - GameBoy

  • $ 36.95

In Total Carnage players take on the role of the heavily armed one-man army known as Captiain Carnage in this fast-paced shooter, based on the Midway arcade game. Heavily influenced by the original Smash TV, Total Carnage features a similar style of constant character movement and rapid fire shooting from a top-down perspective. Unlike Smash TV, however, the violence in this game takes place in more traditional battlefields and army bases, instead of an audience-packed television studio. Such battle makes for hot news, though, so it's important to shoot only enemies, keeping the gathering crowds of television reporters and civilian onlookers out of the line of fire, while basting away at wave after wave of incoming evil goons and creepy mutants.

Product Details
UPC: 758739220021
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platform: Game Boy
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone