Survival Kids

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In Survival Kids as a young boy or girl, players navigate their surroundings from an overhead perspective by moving their character in one of four directions. Unlike traditional games in the genre, players need not worry about building experience points but will have to ensure their character's survival. Individual percentages are tracked for water, hunger, fatigue, and life, which means players must remember to drink, eat, and rest on a regular basis to make it through each day. As players explore more of the island, they will be able to find and equip items such as canteens for storing water, sticks to make fire, and ivy for climbing. Nuts, herbs, fruits, and mushrooms can also be eaten for sustenance, but some foods may be poisonous. Time of day also changes through four distinct phases (morning, noon, evening, and night), which dictates how much of the island players will be able to see. Animals such as raccoons, snakes, rabbits, frogs, and scorpions can be attacked or avoided.

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UPC: 083717140382
Genre: Role-Playing
Platform: Game Boy Color
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone