Suikoden II

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In Suikoden II an unjust ruler by the name of Emperor Barbarosa took control of a peaceful land with an iron fist. Tired of his tyranny and oppression, a woman named Odessa Silverburg rose up and formed a revolution to end Barbarosa's evil reign. Son to one of Barbarosa's generals, Teo McDohl, joined with Odessa and headed up the Liberation Army. Together they gathered recruits to amass the 108 stars of destiny and overthrew Barbarosa. They forged a land of unity and peace and for the time everything was calm. Such was the setting for Konami's sleeper RPG triumph, Suikoden. Now, three years after the fall of Barbarosa, a new war threatens the peaceful land. The Highland Empire, ruled by the Blight family, has instigated a war with the peaceful city-state Jowston. After much fighting a peace agreement is finally formed between the two sides. The main character and his childhood friend, Jowy, are soldiers in the war and are sent to oversee the treaty talks. Overjoyed by talks of the end of the war, all the two can think about is finally returning to their hometown, Kyaro. But something goes terribly wrong and the two are cast off, branded traitors to their country. After being exposed to treachery, power, greed, everything that come with war, the two must struggle with their own destined path. You must once again bring together the 108 stars of destiny and put an end to the war.

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Genre: Role-Playing
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Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Teen