Phantom Brave: We Meet Again - Nintendo Wii

  • $ 44.95

In Phantom Brave: We Meet Again players take on the role of an orphaned girl named Marona who lives on the tiny Phantom Isle and works as a sort of bounty hunter, receiving her contracts via messages in a bottle. Marona has the unique ability to summon ghosts and monsters, but to get them to fight for her she must "confine" them in physical objects such as rocks and trees. Though the action is turn-based, characters can be moved freely around organically layered battlefields, and the terrain plays a role in how fast and how far characters can move. The new "Another Marona" scenario finds all outside life extinguished in a great catastrophe, leaving Marona as the sole survivor. Her ability to communicate with the deceased leads her on a quest to unravel the source of the great calamity, and in the process she meets a girl named Carona, who happens to be Marona from another dimension.

Product Details
UPC: 857823001550
Genre: Strategy, Role-Playing
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Teen