Parasite Eve

  • $ 139.95

In Parasite Eve One Mitochondria have taken on a new life of their own and begun to infest the city of Manhattan. It's up to NYPD detective Aya Brea to unearth the mystery behind this infestation. Journey through the dark streets of Manhattan as you battle mutated rats and other hideous creatures on your way to Eve, the central figure of the mitochondria attacks. Developed by Square, the same people who brought us the epic Final Fantasy RPG series, Parasite Eve is a three-disc RPG in a third-person perspective with 3D rendered backgrounds. You are allowed to roam around in real-time, polygonal battle sequences. A unique option lets you customize weapons, armor and character abilities. The game is compatible with analog controllers and takes up only one block of memory for saves.

Product Details
UPC: 662248998015
Genre: Role-Playing
Platform: PlayStation
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Mature