Pac-Man Vs. - GameCube

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In Pac-Man Vs. up to three other players to chase Pac-Man around the dot-filled maze. One player guides Pac-Man on Game Boy Advance while his opponents try to capture him on GameCube. The gameplay is otherwise the same: Pac-Man attempts to clear a maze by consuming all of its dots while avoiding ghosts. Fruit is available for bonus points, and Pac-Man can briefly turn the tables on pursuing ghosts by gobbling up one of four Power Pellets in each corner of the maze. To give Pac-Man more of a fighting chance, the ghosts can only see a portion of the maze directly surrounding them as they travel through the passageways. Once a ghost catches Pac-Man, the winning player is awarded the handheld and must attempt to beat the previous high score.

Product Details
UPC: 722674300032
Genre: Puzzle, Arcade
Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone