Heavy Metal Geomatrix

  • $ 169.95

In the future, with the evolution of Nanobot technology, microscopic robots recreate human cell composition in the cyber world. Fantasy and reality have merged into one neo-world. Humans abandon the real world for the cyber luxury of the virtual world. Now, the polar caps are dislodged and melting, submerging mother earth underwater. What little turf remains is claimed by thugs, gangs, and mercenaries. The battle for landmass begins. Only now, war is waged inside the Geomatrix with Nanobots armed with devastating weaponry. To win you must fight, to live you must win! Based on the Heavy Metal world created by Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley, this fighting title allows you to take control of a team of three fighters, ranging from a basic all-rounder, or a lightning fast female to a huge bulky mass of power. Of course, they are all a mix of human and humanoid, and depending on their strengths, have a range of different moves and styles.

Product Details
UPC: 013388250233
Genre: Action, Fighting
Platform: Dreamcast
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Mature