Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

  • $ 13.95

In Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce up to four players can no team up to take on some of the most challenging enemies ever to stand in the way of victory. The levels have been re-designed with the focus on team work and to overcome each level's strategic features and challenges. Massive bosses now stand in your way and it will require some serious team work to defeat these ultra powerful enemies. Astounding abilities and powers will now enable the legendary Warriors to fight in the skies and unleash moves and attacks that will rock the battlefields to their very foundations. Characters can be enhanced and completely individualized through the clever use of special items that can alter their skills. These legendary warriors can now wield two weapons in battle. For the first time ever, you can select any sub weapon for any character. Most dramatic of all is the Fury Transformation that puts even the legendary Musou attack in the shade. When a character enters their awakened state no enemy is safe.

Product Details
UPC: 040198002080
Genre: Action, Fighting
Platform: PlayStation 3
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Teen