Candace Kane's Candy Factory

  • $ 7.95

In Candace Kane's Candy Factory experience an action-puzzle game set in a workplace, in the spirit of the well-known Diner Dash and at least a little reminiscent of the I Love Lucy show's famous chocolate scene. With the help of colorful, costumed assistants, the game's hero, Candie Cane, must sort through 12 types of candy that pass by on a conveyer belt. Candie needs to fill customer orders as quickly accurately as she can. The positions of candies on the belt can be swapped, and the goal is to match the three-candy combinations that appear above the customers' heads. Success leads to profits, which can lead to expansion. If she can keep the confectionary chaos under control, Candie's candy capital can expand to six different locations in 60 levels of play.

Product Details
UPC: 828068212339
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone