Boom Blox Bash Party

  • $ 7.95

In Boom Blox Bash Party experience 400 new levels of physics-based block-busting action. Use the Wii Remote to topple towers and strategically destroy blocks through a variety of themed environments. Bash Party flaunts its physics engine by sending gamers into outer space and deep under the ocean, while new blocks and tools, such as cylinders, paint blocks, the virus ball, and the slingshot, offer players an assortment of new ways to create havoc and destruction. Multiplayer options have expanded as well, with more chances for co-op or head-to-head play, and an all-new team mode. The game includes a series of new characters, each of whom can be thrown, grabbed, and launched just like any other block, and gamers with an Internet connection can head online to download new levels or use the create mode to design and share custom levels of their own.

Product Details
UPC: 014633192438
Genre: Puzzle, Party Game
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone