Quake 4

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In Quake 4 the Strogg are regrouping and it is up to you as a member of Rhino Squad to deal them the final blow. The Quake 4 story continues where Quake 2's left off, with the half-man, half-machine aliens known as the Strogg hanging on to existence. Now you can join in the final assault. However, in order to defeat them you must become one of them. Quake 4 contains an all-new single-player campaign with many of the classic weapons and enemies from earlier Quake games, such as the nailgun, shotgun, and grenade launcher. You can also play in a variety of multiplayer modes modeled after the multiplayer of Quake 3.

Product Details
UPC: 047875810174
Genre: First-Person-Shooter
Platform: Xbox 360
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Mature