Street Fighter V

Gandorion Games

  • $ 16.95

In Street Fighter V Capcom's iconic series returns with classic one-on-one combat, interactive arenas, and four playable characters. As always, players engage in 2D battles, using a variety of kicks, punches, and special attacks to deplete their opponent's health bar. The EX bar returns to let gamers power up their special moves or perform super combos, while the new V-Gauge builds up as players take damage or execute character-specific V-Skills. Fighters can use part of their V-Gauge to perform a defensive V-Reversal, or they can empty the gauge to unleash unique V-Trigger attacks. Street Fighter V includes sixteen different fighters, including four new combatants, with more competitors due in post-release updates. Characters include: F.A.N.G., an assassin who favors poison and is now second-in-command at Shadaloo and Necalli, a beastly Aztec warrior with massive dreadlocks.

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UPC: 013388560172
Genre: Fighting
Platform: Playstation 4
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Teen