Bomberman Fantasy Race

  • $ 124.95

In Bomberman Fantasy Race riding atop rabbit and kangaroo-like steeds, Bomberman and friends (including the likes of Black Bomberman, Pretty Bomber, Mach Bomber and Mechbomber) scamper around seven different courses with the singular objective of being the first to the finish line. Racers who place in the top three recieve Bomberman coins, which can be put towards the purchase of new tracks, animals, or items. The seven courses encompass all areas of the Bomberman world: Bomber Circuit, Bomber Coaster Lake, Waca Island Beachside, Bakuzan Ski Course, Star Express, Dyna Mountain, and Bomber Castle, many of which are littered with hazards and full of shortcuts.

Product Details
UPC: 730865520152
Genre: Racing
Platform: PlayStation
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone