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In Knack take control of the character who is mankind's best hope against a goblin threat. Knack is a 3-ft-tall being composed of ancient relics who can become more powerful, and up to 30 feet taller, by obtaining more relics and by absorbing ice found throughout the game. Each power has its own drawback as well, however. In ice form Knack will slowly lose strength as the ice melts and when transforming into a wooden giant he will be vulnerable to fire. Knack includes local cooperative play as a second player can drop in or out at any time while playing as a silver-colored, robot version of the protagonist. The robotic Knack can help heal the lead character by offering up its own parts. The third-person action title also features platform game play elements as well as 90 minutes of cut-scenes.

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UPC: 711719100126
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: PlayStation 4
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone 10+