Rapala: We Fish


  • $ 3.95

In Rapala: We Fish experience competing in multiple angling tournaments across real-life lakes. Choose from more than 300 Rapala-licensed lures and explore over 500,000 acres of water in a choice of boats. The fishing play mechanics take advantage of the system's motion-sensing controls. Cast and move your line with the Wii Remote, while spinning the Nunchuk attachment to simulate reeling in your potential catch. Fish types, which vary from lake to lake, include bass, pike, perch, trout, catfish, and salmon. View the action from behind your male or female character, or switch to a lure perspective to watch the fish and various underwater environments up close. Earn new equipment as you progress to improve your chances of catching the elusive big one.

Product Details
UPC: 047875759459
Genre: Sports, Fishing
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone