kwirk - GameBoy

  • $ 15.95

Kwirk is in a bit of trouble as somebody has set a trap for his main squeeze Tammy. You will guide the cool tomato with a chance to rescue her from this puzzling predicament before it's to late. Guide Kwirk through a subterranean labyrinth, trying to get from room to room. To exit each room, players must roll pebbles, shove blocks and turn turnstiles. Two basic modes of play are available: Going Up, which involves escaping from as many rooms as possible, and Heading Out, which is a timed event involving a set number of rooms. Plus, there's a two-player mode via linkup and a level select that enables players to continue from where they left off.

Product Details
UPC: 021481501015
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Game Boy
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone