Pinball Quest

  • $ 16.95

In Pinball Quest experience four different types of video pinball games that include Roleplaying Mode, Pop! Pop!, Circus, and Viva! Golf. Roleplaying Mode is a one-player adventure that takes you through a six-level castle. Princess Bali has been kidnapped by Beelzebub, and it's up to you and your pinball prowess to save her. Some of the settings include dungeons, graveyards, rivers, and Beelzelbub's throne room. As you play the game, you'll earn gold that can help you buy better flippers and stoppers to help you in your quest. As many as four players can participate in the other three games. Pop! Pop! is basic pinball with a sports theme featuring bowling and billiards. As its name would imply, Circus is big top themed and features slot machine bonus levels. Finally, Viva! Golf puts you on a pinball-golf course featuring gophers, sand traps, and water hazards.

Product Details
UPC: 032264900147
Genre: Action, Pinball
Platform: Nintendo NES
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone