Duck Tales - Nintendo Game Boy

  • $ 25.95

In Duck Tales Scrooge McDuck and his three nephews are in the hunt for more treasures around the globe. You will quest through stages such as the wild amazon forest, the African Mines, and Transylvania where they meet Dracula Duck and even travels up to the Moon. Despite the fact that Scrooge McDuck, the world's wealthiest aquatic fowl, has more money than he could ever spend in a 100 lifetimes, he is always on the lookout for more riches. When he hears of five lost treasures that are buried around the world and beyond, he immediately sets off to find them. You control Scrooge McDuck as he goes on what may be the most dangerous money-grubbing spree of his life!

Product Details
UPC: 785138320236
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: Game Boy
Region: Region Free
Rating: Everyone