Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Gandorion Games

  • $ 8.95

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Dr. Robotnik is plotting a takeover of the entire world, and Sonic is going to have his paws full trying to stop him. Along with his newfound friend, Tails the Fox, Sonic will speed through loop-de-loops, crazy mazes, and dizzying speedways. Bounce like a pinball through the bumpers and springs of the amazing Zones all at breakneck speed! There are seven Chaos Emeralds for you to capture and tuck away; anything short of that will mean certain doom for your friends and success for Robotnik.

Product Details
UPC: 010086010510
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: Sega Genesis
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone

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